Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Monkey to Millionaire..!!

When i thought that i have lost my faith in Indonesian bands and humanity in general, along came these three hard-rockin, guitar-lickin', skinny-jeans-wearin',boots-kickin' guys under the name of Monkey to Millionaire.

Their debut album, Lantai Merah, (which I got for free from their gig in my campus *haha..cheapskate..!*) really brought me fresh sounds to my hard-to-pleased eardrums. From the starter track "Fakta dan Citra" (my all time favourite), to their last track "Strange is The Song in Our Conversation" (featuring the sweet and cute voice of Marsha Suryawinata), this album was able to bring back my enthusiasm in Indonesian music industry.

I already watched their gig twice, and they never fail to amaze me. every time I saw them on stage, I got a weird rush onto my brain and the next thing I know, I already screamed their lyrics along with their other obedient fans..

Their acoustic gig at Fresh Brew Coffee Mendawai

I love how they write meaningful, yet memorable songs and combined it with such a delicious beats that always get me pumped everytime i listened to them...Recently they just won a Junksounds award where they are crowned as the best breakthrough artist...Well, they sure hell deserved it..

Me and Wisnu, the vocalist...cute couple? *cough2*

Well, I guess see you all on their next gig then...

keep on rockin on this free world....cheers.

Monday, 18 January 2010

The Girl With Many Layers

I’m a girl with many layers beneath me

Just like an onion, but less smelly (more like a vanilla-scented one, actually)

It is impossible for you to know me if you only meet me once or twice

It takes a lot of effort for someone to unwrap me

If they ever got into my core, it’s because they deserve it

Very few has succeed, because my trust has to be earned

If you ever saw me just sit there in the corner,

Just be careful enough to not judge me

Because at the end of the day,

You might be surprised and be blown away